Well-Trained People and the Finest Product

THE SWALLOW NEST employs more than 800 experienced workers at Surabaya Headquarters. All processes ~ farming, harvesting, cleaning, processing, storing, packing and shipping ~ are operated under stringent quality control to ensure the finest product.

Since 1974, THE SWALLOW NEST has developed its own marketing strategies and quality guidelines to produce 100% natural, finest quality birdís nest. THE SWALLOW NESTís bird nest contains no additives, no chemicals and no whitener. We ensure that only the finest nests are selected and carefully transported to our retailers. The nests are then carefully cleaned of all feathers, dirt and broken eggshells at the processing headquarter. Each bird nest is naturally, thoroughly and manually processed by well-trained workers and cleansed using Reverse Osmosis water only. Once cleaned, the nests are stored and preserved in humidity and temperature regulating ovens. Customerís satisfaction is our number one concern.